Your SEO – In-house or Hire an Agency?

When it comes to SEO it is easy to get lost in a see of technical terms and confusion about what is and is not effective in a modern SEO strategy. Pretty much all of us have experience of using Google and we will all have realised that we usually either find what we want on the first page or two or we start to lose interest in the search all together and we aren’t alone in this. This is exactly what most of our potential clients will do too. This makes it easy for us to accept the importance of good rankings and the role that SEO plays in getting us there. It’s a pretty obvious move then to get started on an SEO project for our business but they way that project comes together and is executed is in our hands. How do we get to where we want to be with this project then? Do we go it alone and pull together a DIY SEO project or do we bite the bullet and call in the experts?

For many this isn’t the simplest of questions and there are a number of elements to consider so to get you started, let us take a look at what the key tasks are and get some insight into which approach might work best for you.

Or In-House SEO if you prefer, for this it is unlikely that you will have all the skills to complete every element of SEO in every aspect of your SEO strategy so your first move will be to collect a group of experts who can deliver SEO in each Aspect of the plan. To build this SEO dream team your key players will need to be able to cover; performance during programming, audience and search engine knowledge in relation to content marketing, social media and advertising. The biggest benefit to building this team yourself is that you get to hand pick the talent so you should end up with a team that can work really well together to deliver the project goals which will mean less teething problems and settling in time. The downside, you actually have to find them and this takes time, money and recruitment skills. Your alternative of course, is to simply hire an SEO team in, this team will have already worked together, have tonnes of experience in similar projects to yours and be able to provide evidence of great results in the past. The good news for you is that you only have to recruit one company rather than a number of individuals, saving you time and in turn money.

Now, consider that you’ve decided to build your SEO team in-house, where are the resources to execute your marketing strategy going to come from? Implementing this kind of strategy takes software and tools that it is unlikely that your business has just lying around doing nothing and purchasing or hiring them for this project is likely to hit your budget pretty badly. Pay for an SEO agency to come in and take the reigns then all the software and tools the project requires will come along with them.

An SEO Agency is likely to have other clients to consider and you may have less ownership of the way that the project is executed  but this means less work on your side and it also means that those with most experience in marketing are the ones who take control of the way the project is run. Closely in line with your requirements and goals of course. Another advantage of hiring an SEO agency in for you is also to do with resources but also logistics, having an in-house SEO team takes management and time but you’ll also have to find somewhere to put them all, which again might hit the budget pretty badly.

In short there are a few benefits of having an in-house SEO team delivering your project but when it comes down to it there’s little that compete with having a fully assembled well equipped team of experts to take over the bulk of the project and provide you with SEO results that can help your business really stand out from the crows.