Welcome to the EDUCast office, we are ecstatic that you’ve found us!

The physical office is a pretty laid back one here at EduCast, we like to keep things neat and organised because ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ but other than that it’s pretty chilled and we don’t have much in the way of formalised structure when it comes to seating arrangements and all that jazz. It’s pretty reflective of the way we all like to work really. We all get a kick out of the organised planning, implementation and detail orientation that is required to produce great quality SEO and content but we like to be imaginative and work outside of the box. How else can we make sure that everything is tailored, unique and engaging?

We’ve taken note of the rise in interest small business’s and entrepreneurs have taken in SEO and marketing and we wanted to be of service so that’s how this site became our new pet project. The site has been developed in order to basically give any newbies out there a really good chance of getting to grips with SEO and marketing by themselves so that they can make good decisions when it comes to putting together digital marketing strategies or at the very least know how to spot if it’s time to call in an expert SEO agency.

Even if you are going to call in the experts the site is still a great place to start understanding the foundations of the industry so that you can ask the right questions and choose the right team to help you. Let’s leave that there, let you get on with your SEO Education and say we hope to see you around!

The Team at EduCast