Digital Marketing Trends

Part of ensuring a great quality digital marketing campaign for your business is ensuring that you keep on top of the latest trends in the industry and knowing how to use those trends to ensure you offer your target audience what they want and how they want it. Here’s a taster of what 2017’s top digital marketing trends are…

And now let’s take a look at how you can apply a few of those trends to your strategies in order to boost your business:

1: Video: According to Cisco, in 2017 69% of traffic will be from video posts or marketing so it’s clear to see that this kind of format is engaging users left right and centre. Consider Vlog’s and video articles carefully and if you can fit your topic and content into this format then do. It boosts traffic, taps in to new trends and provides audiences with information in a style that is easy to digest.

2: Privacy: We’ve discussed this in terms of SLL on the site but privacy really is in the forefront of people’s mind in 2017 so ensuring that your site is trusted will really help any strategies that you put into place. If your site doesn’t look trust worthy there is no way you are going to keep your customers on the site long enough to engage them.

3: Reviews: Another one that comes down to trust really, no matter what your product or services, users will feel more comfortable if your site has genuine reviews. So be sure to prioritise customer or user reviews over fancy gimmicks or promotions.